Fishing for Arctic Grayling

A 3wt or 4wt rod is perfect.  If you have a bamboo rod definitely bring it.  You will feel like your fishing back in the late 1800’s.  When you catch one, keep working the same area, as they tend to school up.  Entice them with small dark color dry flies or fine leaders.  Grayling strike very fast and there mouths are small and soft, so don’t strike to hard or they will rip out.  They are a joy on the dry y as they are notorious jumpers.  Needless to say they are spectacularly beautiful!  How often do you get to hold a piece of Michigan History in your hand.

On catching his first Grayling one angler said ” This is almost as good as my honeymoon”.

What more can I say.



To protect and preserve this rare fishery we limit the fishing on Brookhaven Lake to only 50 days per year.

What to bring:

Hat, sunglasses, camera, rain gear, sun block, drinks, snacks & sandwiches, small cooler, and chap stick.

The Flies:

Adams, Grey Wolf, Black Ant, Stone Fly, Bead Head Nymphs, Elk Hair Caddis, Assorted May Flies, Grasshoppers, and for the Big Boys - Small Streamers